What is the project?

In total, 50 million Europeans are affected by allergic diseases such as asthma and atopic dermatitis. Approximately 10% of patients with asthma and atopic dermatitis suffer from uncontrolled disease despite high doses of steroids. These patients can benefit from innovative targeted, but also expensive and burdensome treatments, so-called biologicals. A transparent access to biologicals and a systematic assessment of treatment response is missing, causing distress to patients and a burden to public health.

Aim of the multi-disciplinary PERMEABLE consortium is to develop the urgently needed personalized medicine approach for a just, save and effective, thus PERMEABLE access to biologicals for allergy patients across Europe, based on individual susceptibility to molecular mechanisms targeted by the available biologicals. This study combines (a) clinical research to define and structure clinical decision-making and to apply these in a proof-of-principle Pan-European cohort of young biologicals users with (b) advanced preclinical studies using innovative functional cell models and non-invasive omics to develop clinical applications, and (c) scalable, cloud-based IT solutions to allow for multilingual data management, big data analysis and clinical-decision making tools to guide treatment.